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13 Jan 2010, 11:59PM PT

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6 Jan 2010, 12:59PM PT


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Submit A Webinar Proposal On IT Productivity Metrics


Closed: 13 Jan 2010, 11:59PM PT

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Sun and Intel are interested in holding a webinar around the topic of IT productivity metrics. They are looking for experts to be featured in a 1-hour online webinar that will be broadcast live on January 19th (01/19/2010). A 1-hour practice run will also be required prior to the broadcast date.

We are looking for you to submit proposals that would describe a webinar topic that you would be willing to discuss. If your topic is chosen, then you will then need to be available to participate in the online webinar, hosted by Techdirt's Mike Masnick.  For examples of past proposals, the previous webinar topic available here.

The potential topics that we are interested in are:

  1. An overview of best practices for improving datacenter productivity.
  2. What metrics are most valuable to your organization for monitoring datacenter productivity?
  3. How do you measure lost productivity from your datacenter hardware?
  4. Describe how your organization benefitted from adopting a metric of productivity that you had not monitored before.
  5. How can an organization prioritize its datacenter resources for increasing productivity?

Your proposal does not have to deal with all of these topics; these are suggestions meant to serve as a guide.

In your proposal, please include:

  • The headline of your proposed webinar.
  • A description for the webinar that you would run.
  • A description of how a Sun or Intel representative might interact with you during your presentation.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

1 Insight


Mike can discuss how traditionally, power, cooling, and utilization have been monitored and managed separately by three primary groups in the organization – IT/IS management, facilities management and the C-suite (i.e., CIO, CFO and CEO).  Each constituent dedicated to maximizing the data center and its assets, in addition to managing expense, but each coming at it from separate corners with very little, if any, inter-communications.  Because of this, even the most sophisticated organizations are in a sense, running blind and scared – wondering how much headroom is left and whether or not they are living on borrowed time.


Consequently, the data center is often identified as a cause for stagnation of growth, as it is believed that it will shortly be out of power, cooling, or both.  Or perhaps worse, significant equipment and application investments are made that cannot be accommodated in the data center because these resources are now in fact depleted. Or conversely, building margin or headroom into the planning of new resources, that optimization suffers.


Attendees of this presentation will learn:


-       Why current energy management methodologies that focus on how power is delivered to the data center are missing the mark; and why the future will be dedicated to understanding why it is being consumed.

-       Why data center management needs solutions that enable them to tie their applications to the specific IT equipment that supports them (solutions that include modeling, mapping, and business criticality analysis will be highlighted).

-       How proper energy monitoring and management can impact both operational and capital expenses (real world case study examples will be used to show how to balance power, cooling, and utilization in order to save money, enhance service levels, and dramatically extend the life of their data center and its assets).


Mike is a serial entrepreneur w/ deep technical knowledge and a strong vision for customer centric product innovations; career highlights: being the creator of the continuous data protection (CDP) tech. segment, and author of over a dozen patents.
Kishore Jethanandani
Wed Jan 13 8:44am
Mike, you are absolutely correct. I would be interested to know your thoughts on emerging solutions for a more strategic and holistic management of IT assets such as BDNA Corporation.