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What Will 2008 Bring For The Cell Phone Industry?Case Details


Closed: 9 Dec 2007, 3:59PM PT

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LetsTalk's PhoneTalk blog wants to add new voices to its website, and they're posting regular Cases here for the Techdirt Insight Community to add interesting new content to their site. The winning submissions for each Challenge Case will be posted (perhaps with some editing) on the PhoneTalk blog -- with credits to the author. The following is LetsTalk's next assignment:

There's been a lot of announcements in the past few months that could potentially change the cell phone industry (ie Android, Verizon announcement) What do you think will be the biggest changes next year in the cell phone industry for consumers? Will it be more cell phone choices? Will consumers demand more control over their cell phone options? Will it really make any difference at all - if not, why? Do you think we'll see a difference in how plans and phones are marketed to consumers? Also, address what you would hope these announcements will mean for consumers when they're shopping for phone/plan in the future?

Note: The top insights for this issue will be selected as they are submitted. So there is no exact deadline for submissions, but the earlier you submit, the earlier LetsTalk can review your work. For example, it's possible that LetsTalk may select the first three entries. However, no submissions will be accepted after the expiration date.

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How To Harness User-Generated Content In Branding Campaigns?Case Details


Closed: 23 Jul 2007, 11:59PM PT

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As a Fortune 500 company considering a consumer-focused branding campaign that incorporates user-generated content, we are an office equipment and services provider looking to maximize the benefits of an online video campaign using YouTube and other online video communities. Obviously, we are aiming for a fresh and vibrant (and perhaps viral) response, but we also realize there may be somewhat negative portrayals of our brand.

1) Given our broad audience of consumers, how can we best encourage positive entries and on-message responses? Suggest online venues where the prevailing tone is upbeat -- or virtual locations that should be avoided if they are known to be too crass. How can these characterizations be determined?

2) Suggest creative ways to promote the collected video materials, after the submission period is officially over, that leverage online communities.

3) Other than ignoring or deleting content that may be negative, how should we handle submissions that are not entirely favorable to our brand?

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