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How Do You Use Analytics Tools To Enhance Sales/Marketing?Case Details


Closed: 2 Jun 2008, 11:59PM PT

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Business analytics are playing an increasingly important role in helping companies gain the insight they need to make better decisions. How have you found this to be the case with your business? Please share your best examples with us of how analytics (CRM, dashboards, or other analytics capabilities) have improved the performance of your business. For an example, see this video clip by Malcolm Gladwell.

Responses for this case will be used in a whitepaper being created by Techdirt for TheCustomerCollective and included with the results of a survey we are hosting titled, "CRM Analytics."

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How Would You Allow Phone Calls On Planes?Case Details


Closed: 16 Jan 2008, 11:59PM PT

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LetsTalk's PhoneTalk blog wants to add new voices to its website, and they're posting regular Cases here for the Techdirt Insight Community to add interesting new content to their site. The winning submissions for each Challenge Case will be posted (perhaps with some editing) on the PhoneTalk blog -- with credits to the author. The following is LetsTalk's next assignment:

The question of allowing airline passengers to use phones on flights isn't exactly new, but there may be a growing number of airlines with useful services. Instead of providing phones in the seats of the plane, a few airlines are offering wireless networks for passengers to use their existing (dual mode?) phones to place calls. Given this, what should consumers and airline passengers look forward to? Will there be mandatory phone etiquette rules during the flights? How might in-flight calls be regulated? What role will the airlines play in developing the services? These are just a sample of the questions that may be addressed for this Case.


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