About Floor64

Floor64 has been generating insights and developing insight platforms for over 10 years -- and doing so in unique and innovative ways designed to help drive businesses forward, rather than keeping them tied to the past.

We developed the Insight Community to be a powerful, new marketplace, that meets the ever-growing demand by companies needing to generate intelligent, relevant content. We added in an assurance of quality conversation by fostering a sense of professional competition and rewarding the most on-target and well-communicated contributions for every case.

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What’s under the hood?

Hosted at ActionWeb, we use PHP, Apache, and MySQL. In addition, we use some great icons from the fine folks at famfamfam, and, finally, jQuery makes us quite happy.

Managing The Community

Floor64 manages all aspects of the Insight Community, moving member sponsors and contributors through the case process from creation to close in a simple, streamlined process.

    Our staff of analysts:
  • Use our experience in corporate intelligence to work with sponsors to design successful cases that generate focused content
  • Work at expanding the community by seeking contributions from talented communicators all over the world
  • Review closed cases and sponsor input, determine the most on-target contributions and award the bonuses
  • Deliver the custom content to sponsoring companies
  • Provide and maintain the Insight Community technology tools that enable members to create, track and add insight to cases