Insight Community Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is the Insight Community?
The Insight Community is a dynamic insight marketplace developed by Floor64 through which sponsors gain access to the diverse perspectives of a world-wide community of experts and customized intelligent content, while contributors have the opportunity to earn recognition and cash rewards for their well-communicated insights.

How does it work?
1. Conversation Designed
Sponsors from a variety of industries work with Floor64 analysts to create cases that pose challenging and relevant questions to the community. To drive the quality of the insights, bonuses are set for each conversation.

2. Community Engaged
The conversation is launched and Insight Community members are notified via RSS feed, email and their own personal dashboard. Viewing the case detail they access a thorough description of the topic, submission guidelines, close date and the bonus awards available for top insights in the conversation.

3. Conversation Started: Insights & Comments Generated
Members begin to add their unique perspectives and expertise to the conversation by contributing insights using the built-in tools. They also deepen the discussion by adding comments that clarify, challenge and respond to other insights.

4. Useful Content Delivered
The content generated by the Insight Community is then delivered to the sponsors for use in both internal and external marketing and analytical tasks.

5. Goals Achieved

· Awareness Increased
· Web Traffic Increased
· Leads Generated
· Thought Leadership Established

Why should I join the Insight Community?
Joining the Insight Community is your opportunity to be a part of one of the most intriguing and productive conversations on the Web today. Whether your interest is sponsoring a conversation or adding insight to current conversations, there’s something for everyone who wants to be a part of intelligent discussions that provide insight for a wide variety of companies.

Personal Dashboard: Gain access to tools and information that let you track all of your work in the Insight Community.
Access to all conversations: When you aren’t signed in you are only seeing publicly available conversations
Add Insight: You can only add insight and comments to conversations once you have joined and signed in to the Insight Community.
Sponsor and track your conversations: Sponsors have access to their currently running conversations so they can participate by adding comments or track the status and participation by the community.
Earn cash: All conversations have some reward for top insights. Read each conversation detail to learn how each conversation is different.
Earn Reputation: As you contribute you can earn a reputation in the community and with companies as a person they can count on for on-target contributions.
Intelligent conversation: How often have you wanted to dig deep in an interesting conversation - either on topics relevant to your company or on topics that you have a deep interest.

How do I get started?

  1. Fill out the form with your username, password and email address (Privacy Policy). Be aware that your username will be associated with all insight and comment contributions.
  2. Retrieve the email sent to your email account and follow the authentication link.
  3. Copy and paste the authentication code from the email into the entry field and click the Authenticate button.
  4. On the Sign In screen enter your username and password.
  5. You are now on your own personal Insight Community Home dashboard. Please select the [Edit My Profile] link and add your image, Interest Areas and communication preferences.
  6. Return to the Home dashboard and explore the Member Spotlight to see other member contributions, current and past conversations or get started sponsoring a new conversation.

Contributor Information

How do I add my insight to a conversation?
To add your insight you simply use the Insight Community’s built-in tools. Remember that your insight can’t be considered for a bonus unless it’s submitted.

  1. Be sure you’re signed in.
  2. On the conversation detail page read the case information on what is required and if the conversation is public some of the other submitted insights. On some Insight Community conversations you can’t see other member insights until after you’ve contributed your own.
  3. Choose the Add Insight tab.
  4. Give your insight a title.
  5. Copy and paste or type in your insight.
  6. Save a draft so you can see a preview of your insight below the editing pane and then either continue adding to your draft or create a new insight.
  7. If you would like to edit, delete or view other drafts then press the View Drafts tab.
  8. When you feel your insight is ready then press the Submit Insight button. Please be sure that your insight looks good in the preview first - as you cannot currently edit your insight after it is submitted.

Add Insight
Your Home dashboard always tells you when you have submitted insights for a conversation or unsubmitted drafts. Please be sure to submit your insight before the conversation closes. You are welcome to add more than one insight to a conversation.


Once the conversation has been reviewed by the sponsor and Floor64, you will be informed if you have been awarded a bonus for the conversation.

How do I get paid if I have a qualifying insight?
Payment will take place upon completion of review and delivery stages on the conversation by the sponsor and Floor64. Before we can pay you, you will need to fill out additional payment information and select a payment type on your My Account page. We will either issue a check or send the money electronically via PayPal.

How do I build my reputation in the community?
Increasing your visibility and reputation in the Insight Community is a fairly simple process. Each time you add insight to a conversation the sponsor and Floor64 analysts add a star rating to indicate the quality and relevance of your contribution. So the more conversations you contribute to and the greater the quality of those insights - the more you gather reputation with both companies and the Insight Community as a whole.

Can I reuse what I contribute to Insight Community on my blog?
Yes. Assuming the Insight Community conversation does not involve any confidential information (indicated on the conversation detail page), you retain ownership rights to the work that you have submitted to the Insight Community. You may not, however, make use of the contributions of others in the system, without their explicit permission. Contact them directly by clicking the Send Message link under their user name.