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Creating Multi-Perspective Expert Whitepapers

Dow Jones

A Dow Jones Case Study

Engaging the Insight Community to Explore Emerging Trends

Dow Jones Client Solutions wanted to supplement its own internal strategy and intelligence efforts with other perspectives. In the Insight Community it found a great way to explore emerging trends, participate in those discussions and also develop connective offerings using the content long after the case had closed.

The Need

With social software applications gaining in popularity across the web, collaborative tagging patterns called "folksonomies" have emerged as a popular new way to organize ideas, as well as a possible alternative to established scientific or enterprise taxonomies. On consumer websites folksonomies have made information more accessible, but the enterprise benefits of the practice remain unclear. Dow Jones Client Solutions (DJCS) turned to Floor64’s Insight Community to generate different points of view on the promise and perils of folksonomies in the enterprise.

While DJCS has deep in-house expertise in enterprise taxonomies and emerging folksonomy applications, the team wanted to look outside the company to establish a broad base of opinions to spark a lively discussion. "We wanted to gather information ahead of the event so we had different perspectives and opinions as conversation starters," said Daniela Barbosa, business development manager for Dow Jones Client Solutions. DJCS proposed developing a Social Media Roundtable to begin a wider partner and client discussion about how these new social media behaviors and innovations would move into and impact the enterprise information world.

The Solution

The Insight Community’s experts delivered many thorough insights on the different aspects of the challenging topic. An active participant in the conversation, Barbosa also had the opportunity to engage with the Insight Community experts directly as they developed and refined their insights. "A lot of the appeal of working with the Insight Community was being able to jump in and become part of the discussion," said Barbosa. "We could push them and they could push us, and the end result was better than something developed without that creative interaction."

The Result

The Social Media Roundtable was so successful that Dow Jones Client Solutions turned the content generated into a whitepaper for Dow Jones partners. More recently Dow Jones Company reconfigured the content into an eBook for partners and clients across the corporation. "The content has been useful to us well beyond the case close as materials we use with partners and clients to continue the conversation with them," said Barbosa.

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