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Supercharging Your Blog Content


A LetsTalk Case Study

Engaging the Insight Community to Help Get the Market Conversation Rolling

Creating content for your corporate blog that creates interest and viral connectivity across the Web requires enormous and continuous internal effort for most companies. LetsTalk uses the Insight Community to keep its blog content interesting and dynamic - driving customer interest and growing their own brand identity in a very active market.

The Need

LetsTalk created the PhoneTalk blog ( and quickly found how demanding it can be to constantly generate fresh content to keep the blog topical and attractive to visitors. And despite their best efforts PhoneTalk wasn’t attracting many people nor was it stimulating conversations among other mobile-centric bloggers.

The Solution

LetsTalk partnered with the Insight Community to generate the content and spark by working with Floor64 to create weekly topics to challenge the community. Top insights in the cases are posted on the PhoneTalk blog with links to the contributing member’s blog. In turn, many of the Insight Community top insight winning members posted their entries on their own blogs with links back to the PhoneTalk blog.

"The Insight Community contributions are always interesting and the individual experts bring unique perspectives on our industry," said Editorial Director Joni Blecher. "They understand our audience so the insights are not overly-technical, but they bring lots of great disparate opinions to the topics. They get us talking and get people talking about us."

The Result

The PhoneTalk blog has nearly tripled its blog traffic since the start of the partnership with the Insight Community and continues to grow at that pace.


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LetsTalk helps people compare phones and calling plan options by taking the jargon out of the process and offering great information and resources for making purchase decisions.