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Accessing Expert Product Development Feedback


An Oracle Case Study

Engaging the Insight Community to Provide State-of-the-Market Observations

Oracle was interested in finding real-world feedback on how people were using Web 2.0 applications in their day-to-day business lives. Insight Community contributors delivered, offering depth and immediacy to the resulting whitepaper that accompanied their launch of the Oracle Social CRM Applications.

The Need

Oracle Corporation was developing a suite of applications to help its customers better organize and handle their sales and customer relationships. With the Oracle Social CRM Applications, the company created a simpler, more powerful way to accomplish these tasks by applying the latest Web 2.0 technologies and the experiences of the broader sales community.

The Solution

In order to better promote this new offering, Oracle wanted to write a whitepaper that would not only highlight the benefits of the applications but would also provide an overview of Web 2.0 and Sales 2.0 technologies and how these new technologies benefit sales managers and executives. To complement their use of new technologies in the applications, they were looking for a creative new way to produce a timely, interesting and insightful whitepaper.

Floor64’s analysts worked closely with the Oracle team to design a case asking whether Web 2.0 applications were having an impact on the way businesses were handling sales. They also requested that the Insight Community members share real-life context on the specific Web 2.0 applications they use, as well as why and how they use them.

The Result

Over the three weeks the case was open, eleven in-depth insights were contributed by Insight Community members from a wide range of fields. The one common link that the experts shared was that they were consultants or owned their own business - giving their insights relevance and immediacy that translated into powerful dimensionality for the Oracle whitepaper.

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