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Arnie Mckinnis


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About Me

I am a high-tech junkie & have been employed (or is it imprisoned) within this industry since 1983 (I just can't get my mind around how many years that is). I have worked in software, hardware, distribution, networking, reselling, telecom, and services. I have marketed, sold, managed, planned, strategize, publicized, productized, installed, implemented, trained, managed, consulted and contracted. I have worked on both coasts (and points in between) and traveled to other countries. I have seen the market grow and was close enough to get bubble juice on myself when it popped. In a nutshell, I love this stuff!!

Areas of Interest

  • Advertising / Marketing / Sales
  • Enterprise Software & Services
  • Hardware
  • IT / IT Security
  • Internet / Online Services / Consumer Software
  • Start-Ups / Small Businesses / Franchises
  • Telecom / Broadband / Wireless