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Cody Jackson


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About Me

I'm currently at my 12 year mark in the US Navy. I worked as a nuclear chemist, radcon technician, and nuclear mechanic on submarines before I was medically disqualified; now I work as an IT technician.

Prior to the Navy I worked at Gateway computers as a Senior Lab Technician, providing customer support for issues that couldn't be resolved by the phone support technicians.

I've spent 13+ years in the IT field performing technical support, training, programming, and advice. My supervisors have considered my strongest abilities to be my technical competence and my ability to discuss topics with people at a level they are comfortable with.

I have an AAS in Electromechanical Technology, BS in Computer Engineering Technology, and an MS in IT Management.

Areas of Interest

  • Enterprise Software & Services
  • Government / Politics / Global Issues
  • Hardware
  • IT / IT Security
  • Internet / Online Services / Consumer Software
  • Media / Entertainment
  • Management