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Eric Priezkalns


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About Me

I have over ten years of telecommunications industry experience in enterprise risk management, business assurance and data integrity. During that time I have worked with Qatar Telecom, Cable & Wireless, T-Mobile and others. Prior to working in industry, I was a consultant in the Enterprise Risk Services division of Deloittes, where I also trained as a chartered accountant.

In the last few years I have found it increasingly productive to use new media to work with teams to further their knowledge sharing and retention. As a consequence, a hobby has slowly turned into a new area of exploration, and I now give advice to small businesses on how they can use new media to effectively realize their goals.

I am well known in international business assurance circles through contributions to collaborative programs like the UK Revenue Assurance Group and the TM Forum. In the UK, I am best known for my detailed critique of billing accuracy regulations. In Qatar, I was a member of the National Committee for Internet Safety.

Areas of Interest

  • Finance
  • Government / Politics / Global Issues
  • IT / IT Security
  • Internet / Online Services / Consumer Software
  • Legal / Intellectual Property
  • Media / Entertainment
  • Telecom / Broadband / Wireless
  • risk management
  • revenue assurance