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Looking for informational reading on the industry

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I'd like to keep current and informed about the music industry. Techdirt does a great job of reporting news regarding music industry and its discontents. But are there any other blogs that you recommend reading? Things where I can learn about mergers and acquisitions, parent and subsidiary labels, touring and album revenues, etc.
initiated Dec 17, 2011 in Ask Techdirt by Stephen Chen (160 points)   1 2 2

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I go to a lot, which also links to There's also some good stuff on Pollstar has a lot of good info, too.

response added Dec 19, 2011 by Matthew Bile (1,090 points)   3 6 15
@matthewbile is awesome.  I'll have to check out the others.  Thanks!
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There's also they offer a free two-week trial and then ask for subscriptions. I think they're a bit UK-oriented, but they cover global music news.

response added Jan 13, 2012 by Michael Ho (2,370 points)   10 14 27

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