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27 Nov 2013, 11:59PM PT


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How Do You Manage The Performance And Reliability Of Web Apps And Services?


Closed: 27 Nov 2013, 11:59PM PT

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For providers of online apps and services, great success equals great responsibility. As users come to rely on something, the consequences of it failing become dire, and the importance of maintenance and performance monitoring grows.

So Techdirt and our sponsor New Relic have a question for all the developers, entrepreneurs, technicians and others out there: how do you tackle this challenge? Not only does a growing user base make it more important to closely track the performance of a web app, it makes it more difficult too. How do you make sure your service is running smoothly? How do you identify major failures or performance issues as they happen? What are the biggest challenges therein, and what tools do you use to overcome them? We're also interested in any feedback you have on New Relic's own performance monitoring tools.

In exchange for your insights, we're offering some perks. Firstly, anyone who signs up for New Relic and installs the service will receive a free Nerd Life t-shirt. The basic account is free and comes with a 14 day trial of the pro service, and there's no commitment or credit card required.

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The case will be open for four weeks, with the best response announced shortly afterwards. We look forward to your insights!

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Many of the problems encountered during application deployment or in production occur because different PHP versions and configurations are used in development, testing and production.  Our company just signed up with Mumba Cloud http://www.mumbacloud.com who have provided an adoption which has been very smooth and our productivity and engagement is on the climb week to week

Thanks for the insight.